Thursday, 14 August 2014

What´s in my bag?

Hi everyone! As one of my latest purchases was my new Sportsgirl bowling bag, I thought of showing you what I do carry everyday to school.
What´s in my bag?

What´s in my bag? by katgorostiza featuring a cosmetic bag

First of all, I always make sure I have my phone with me. I cannot leave without it, so the first thing I have next to my bag is my phone.
Secondly, I take my wallet with me, as it is one of the most important thing of my bag- without it I would not be able to even go to school or anywhere, so I always check if I have it with me.
As I am attending school here in Australia, I always carry my pencil case to school and everywhere- who know when you will need 30 pens at the same time!
Also, as I use glasses everyday (I am half blind), I carry my glasses case everyday in case I need to change my contact lenses to glasses because of the tiredness in my eyes.
I would like to add a small notebook, as I need it for school, but it is never a bad idea to have one next to you, maybe you will need it to writ a good quote on it, as a shopping list, and more. Never underestimate a small notebook.
Last but not least, my makeup bag! I have lately been using it quite a lot, as I wear a bit  makeup everyday, so I always carry my cute small makeup bag in case something happens to my face...
What´s on your bag? Let me know! Love from Kat x

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