Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Everyday make up

Hi guys! I know I haven't written or posted anything in a month- and I am sorry for not doing it, but I am quite busy right now (I have spent a whole week in Germany and then have done lots of exams), but I will be free in just a week! So I will try and post outfit of the day's and stuff during Easter.
This time I have thought of writing a post about my everyday make up (note: even though I call it "everyday make up" I don't use it everyday, most of the time I don't even wear make up to school).
Well, first of all I use mattifying foundation (number 35),which I sometimes change to the Flormar BB Cream (SPF 15) my mum gave me as a gift, depending on how oily that day my face is. The Sephora foundation is quite better for my skin as mine is kind of mixed, so is dry in some places and oily in others. I only use the Sephora Kabuki brush for the foundation, and the Belle brush for the BB Cream.
Right after this I put on some Flormar compact powder (W09-Honey) as it doesn't make my face look orange and it is quite similar to my skin colour.
As the next step I like to do my eyes with an eye shadow palette I took from my mum, and I mostly use the nude and dark magenta colour, but I randomly change this last one for the brown eye shadow that isn't part of the palette.
Right after this I will use any black pencil I find and trace a simple line on top of my upper eyelashes. After this I apply twice one of my two favorites mascaras.
Then, I just put on some bronzer (I always take it from my mum, I don't know the brand or anything) and apply it under my cheekbones and a bit all over my face. Later on I apply some Flormar blush (te colour it's called 'Terracota') with a blush brush bought in Mercadona and...
I must say I am really into a soft make up look, but sometimes I may add red lipstick to go out partying.
Do you know any good make up stuff you think I should try? Please let me know! Kat x

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