Wednesday, 15 April 2015


So the infamous Coachella started last weekend and here I am waiting for the second one, waiting for more outfit inspirations for this summer!
So in my opinion, Coachella is and always be one of the best fashion festivals out there- and I really really hope to be able to go there someday! And as last year (when I first got into this festival), this year´s outfits have really been on point and have given me some ideas on how to combine boohoo stuff this summer wtihout losing completely my minimalist style- which I must say it´s pretty cool, as I don´t mix my style with others much.
Some of my fashion inspirations have caught my eye (as everyday), and have made me love warm colours more than I thought I would! The use of different shades of brown has inspired me quite a lot and I´m thinking of making some sets with some ideas of wearing brown with my style.
Anyway, the wearing-brown-tops-with-brown-booties has really been in the first weekend, along with the basic black&white and total black outfits (which have made me weak on my knees, not joking). Also, I have seen many white summer dresses-which are perfect to look effortlessly cool and boohoo.
Don´t get me started with the jewellery! I am all into all these boohoo necklaces that cover the center of your chest like a high-neck top. They definitely are the go-to accessories if you do not want to look like you tried hard choosing a simple plus for your outfit, but make you look incredible.
Cannot wait for the second weekend! Until then, I hope you have a nice week! x

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