Thursday, 30 July 2015

Insta recap- recents from July 2015

During July I have been, as an exchange student, living in Houston, Texas. Keeping in mind the fact that I´m one of those people who get pretty shy when it comes to asking someone I don´t really know to take a picture of me or what I´m wearing, I haven´t been able to be as active as I would like to be on Insta- let´s say I have been barely active. Because of this and many other reasons, I haven´t been able to upload posts with polyvore sets or my every day outfits, which is kinda sad.
Now that I´m back home and I have my mum and brother to take pictures of me, I do not have to struggle with that problem anymore.
Since I´m here, back in Spain, with all of my other stuff that I left here, I can happily start being active in my little fashion world again, so hey!
Also, as we all (or at least most of us) know what Instagram is, this App makes any blogger´s life easier, as you can upload pictures of basically anything you want your followers to see (in this case, what I wear or sometimes what I do). It´s a pretty amazing way of being socially active and discovering new worlds.
So, after all of this being said, I would like you to follow me on Instagram ( click here ) if you would like to know more about me and my boring selfies haha.
Here I leave you with my most recent (and favourite) outfit of the day pictures! Kat x

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